6 Undeniable Benefits of Partnering with a Dental Marketing Company

6 Undeniable Benefits of Partnering with a Dental Marketing Company


Everyone seems to turn to Google to find what they want. The leading search engine had a global market share of 83% as of July 2022. So, your potential patients are more likely to use Google to find your dental practice. And when these queries start coming in, your business will need to be ready.

That’s where hiring a dental marketing company can help.

Yes, you can do dental SEO marketing on your own. But what would you prefer?

Spending hours on the computer optimizing your GMB profile or tending to your patients?

Benefits of Hiring a Dental Marketing Company

However, that’s not the only benefit of hiring a dental marketing company. There are a few other unique, undeniable benefits. Let’s see what those are.

1. Lower Dental SEO Marketing Costs

One of the main benefits is the reduced marketing costs. If you DIY, you will need a full-fledged in-house dental SEO marketing team. You will have to pay for several overheads, such as office space, hardware, furniture, salaries, 401(k), utilities, and insurance. That’s likely to send your marketing costs through the roof.

On the other hand, hiring a dental marketing company comes at a fraction of the cost. The marketing agency will pay for all the overheads. There is no need for you to invest in recruitment fees, insurance, employee benefits, and office space.

But more importantly, when you hire a professional team, the chance of losing money in a trial-and-error marketing approach is significantly lower. When you partner with a dental marketing company, you will have years of experience backing your every marketing move. This often translates into a better dental SEO marketing ROI. 

The bottom line is that there will be a considerable increase in your overall profitability if you work with the pros.

2. Unmatched Dental SEO Marketing Expertise

The next undeniable benefit is access to high-quality marketing expertise. Experienced, skilled, and qualified professionals will turn your dental SEO marketing around in no time. However, the lack of knowledge and experience will lead to mistakes if you take the DIY route. These mistakes can cost you a pretty penny in the long run.

The good news is that experts in the field of dentistry know what dental SEO marketing tactics will work and what will not. This gives you an edge over your competitors. As you are less likely to make mistakes, your campaigns will be highly successful. Your website will soon start seeing better traffic, higher conversions, and lower bounce rates.

3. Bring Versatile Dental Marketing Ideas to The Table

The digital marketing landscape is rapidly evolving. What could go viral yesterday may not be of use today. You will need to push your creative boundaries constantly if you want to make an impact in an increasingly competitive niche. In other words, you need diverse, unique, and versatile dental SEO marketing perspective.

That’s why hiring a dental marketing company makes sense.

A team of professionals will bring a fresh marketing perspective to every social media campaign you run. They can also help you forge a unique marketing strategy by combining traditional and digital SEO marketing. That is unlikely to happen if you are doing everything in-house. In-house dental marketing often works in silos and has a narrowing perspective, which results in repeated failures.

4. Pay More Attention to Your Dentist Website Design

The finest digital marketing agencies also specialize in dentist website design. In fact, they know that the website is at the heart of all your dental SEO marketing efforts. Unfortunately, most dentists pay little attention to their website’s quality, performance, and security. This usually leads to a poor user experience, which in turn, lowers sales conversions.

A dental marketing company can help you:

  • Redesign your existing website to make it more agile and user-friendly. Or help you build a new one from scratch.
  • Increase the security of your website, helping you build consumer trust.
  • Create campaign-specific landing pages as and when required.
  • Add CTAs wherever required.
  • Streamline the website navigation to make it easier for users to find what they want quickly.
  • Create website content that attracts and converts website visitors.
  • Make your website mobile friendly, helping you tap into mobile users, who generated 58.99% of global website traffic in the second quarter of 2022.

5. Create Brand Awareness

Branding is very effective in attracting new patients and retaining existing ones. A consistent brand image can increase revenue by up to 23%. However, 86% of consumers prefer an authentic brand image. And generating such a brand image is easier said than done.

That said, having a GMB profile, a website, and social media presence doesn’t mean you have successfully created brand awareness. Your potential customers will need a few impressions before they start recognizing your brand. Developing this consistent and interactive digital presence requires meticulous planning and execution.

A dental marketing company can help you generate brand awareness from the get-go. The digital agency will use different strategies, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. This cohesive approach helps your dental practice rank consistently higher in the search engine results.

As a result, your potential patients will start seeing that you have the experience and skills to address their dental care needs. This will help you become a well-known dental practice in your area. Your brand awareness will go a step further as the number of satisfied patients grows.

6. Stay Relevant in Your Niche

Relevancy has always been the buzzword in dental SEO marketing. If your dental business remains relevant, you can easily keep up with the latest industry trends. That, in turn, helps you generate more highly-qualified leads.

A dental marketing company will be aware of all the latest trends. This means you don’t have to worry about falling behind your competitors. In addition, they will help you keep attracting new patients even as dental SEO marketing trends evolve.

In Conclusion

It’s nearly impossible to make your presence felt without a comprehensive digital SEO marketing strategy. And it’s a job better left to the professionals. Hiring a dental marketing company comes with several proven benefits. You can cut marketing costs, get unmatched expertise, bring a broader perspective, revamp your website design, generate brand awareness, and stay relevant.

An experienced dental marketing agency like DentaMarketing can help you achieve these goals. From videography and SEO to social media management and web design, our experts can help you develop a 360-degree dental marketing strategy. Call us at 910-623-0319 or fill out our online contact form today!

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