What to Do About Stagnant Patient Leads

What to Do About Stagnant Patient Leads


Throughout their lifespans, most businesses experience occasional plateaus. When it comes to dental practices, this often involves stagnant patient leads and equally stagnant patient roster growth. This can be frustrating; it disrupts your practice’s growth and can feel like a major setback on your journey to success. However, some solutions allow us to revitalize stagnant patient leads and reinvigorate your practice’s growth and development.

Case Study: Foothills Oral Surgery

Our work with Foothills Oral Surgery stands as a fantastic example-in-point of how to turn a period of stagnant patient leads into a new phase of vitality and growth for the practice. By leveraging a dynamic digital marketing approach and making use of the most innovative tools available, we were able to help Foothills Oral Surgery continue to build its success in a lasting, sustainable, and scalable way.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Improved Patient Leads

But how did we do it? While each practice is different and no two sets of circumstances are identical, here’s an overview of how the process worked for Foothills Oral Surgery and an example of how effective digital marketing can provide outstanding ROI for a dental practice:

  • First, we took the time to get to know the practice and identify the issues that were causing their patient leads to stagnate. In their case, the issues were a lack of new patient leads, the challenges of self-managing Google Ads, and improving their SEO (search engine optimization).
  • With that in mind and incorporating our knowledge of their practice and the business of dentistry overall, we devised a set of goals to help reignite their patient leads. These included improving and refining their Google Ad lead funnel, improving tracking for ROI, and elevating their website’s visibility in search engine results.
  • The first step in achieving these goals was implementing an improved plan for Google Ads. This included identifying key services the practice provided and creating a plan to carry that message to potential patients, optimizing ad spending–including Google Ads–to maximize impact and ROI, and refocusing ads to the overall brand campaign. 
  • Next, we began creating and tracking metrics for conversions and ROI. This involved setting up analytics, search console, and call tracking to measure and track the impact and ROI of SEO, paid advertising, and overall branding efforts.
  • The final step consisted of improving and enhancing SEO across the practice’s digital footprint. This is where art and science combine as we implement improved content, improved citation management, GMB optimization, and optimized brand through on-site, off-site, and technical SEO.

Via accurate needs assessment, a personalized understanding of the practice’s needs, and cutting-edge implementation of digital marketing and branding strategies, we were able to provide Foothills Oral Surgery with a 79% increase in unique visitors to their website, a 311% increase in new patient calls to the office, and a 1,897% return on investment. These numbers speak for themselves and are a testament to the efficacy and importance of effective digital marketing and branding in keeping patient leads from stagnating. 

DentaMarketing: Dynamic Digital Approaches for Sustainable Success

At DentaMarketing we understand that your practice is the realization of a long-term dream and that your advertising and marketing budgets need to provide the best possible return on investment. With that in mind, we take the time to get to know you and your practice, understand your services, personality, and goals, then craft a cutting-edge digital marketing approach designed to attract and retain patients, expand your brand presence, and build scalable and sustainable success. The results we achieve for our clients are the best witness to the efficacy of our approach, so get in touch today and we’ll discuss what we can do for your practice and your success. 

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