The Benefits of PPC Advertising for Dental Practices

The Benefits of PPC Advertising for Dental Practices


Advertising can be a difficult business expense to manage. As the adage goes, “In any given quarter half my advertising budget is wasted–and I never know which half!”. Things have changed since the Madison Avenue days, however, and contemporary digital marketing offers control and granularity above and beyond traditional media. For dental practices–which rely heavily on carefully targeted marketing–this is a real advantage. Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is an especially powerful example-in-point: it offers control, responsiveness, and an immediate return on investment that conventional marketing simply can’t match. The benefits of PPC advertising for dental practices are numerous, so a brief discussion and explanation is in order. 

What is PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click/PPC advertising takes full advantage of the search engine and app-based approach to internet usage that mobile devices afford us. In essence, advertisers pay the digital platform in question a small fee every time a user clicks on their ads, creating targeted ads with immediate ROI for all parties involved. The user gets the results they need, the advertiser gets targeted traffic to their website, and the advertising platform collects a fee. 

Most internet users, particularly the majority who rely on their mobile devices to access the web, see dozens or hundreds of PPC ads every day. This level of exposure makes PPC advertising a must-have feature for any successful digital marketing campaign.

Reasons to Use PPC Advertising

While the benefits of PPC advertising for your particular practice will depend on the services you offer and the market you’re trying to reach, there are some near-universal benefits to PPC advertising that all dental practices should understand:


  • Flexibility is a big advantage of PPC advertising. PPC ads are innately targeted based on the user’s search engine results or social media interactions, thereby ensuring that you reach the audience you need with no time or money wasted. 
  • Ease (and speed) of implementation also set PPC advertising apart from conventional approaches. With skillful design and an integrated, SEO-friendly approach, a good PPC advertising campaign can start to show results within a few hours of implementation. Minimal lag times, minimal waiting–just traffic to your practice’s website and new patients coming through the door.
  • Measurable and trackable results are a built-in feature of PPC advertising, meaning that ROI is easy to quantify and track over time. In the competitive world of dentistry, that means that your budget is used effectively, your results and growth are a matter of record, and your advertising and marketing campaigns can adjust accordingly as you grow.
  • Granularity in targeting is another benefit of PPC advertising, allowing your marketing to reach the potential patients who can most benefit from your services and are the best fit for your practice. As you evolve on your professional journey, this means your advertising can grow and evolve with you as you add new services, expand your hours and offerings, or grow to a second location. 
  • Integration with other facets of digital marketing allows your PPC advertising to work in harmony with your SEO, social media, and other modes of your digital presence to ensure that your marketing plan is cohesive, consistent, and extremely effective.
  • Above all, PPC marketing keeps you ahead of the competition by giving you a flexible, scalable, powerful tool to reach the potential patients you want and show them what you have to offer. Dentistry is a personal profession, and PPC marketing is often the first step in building lasting provider/client relationships.

PPC advertising works, and it can work for you. The benefits are many, the costs are flexible, and the results are real for practices that take advantage of it. So–how can you incorporate PPC advertising into your practice’s marketing?


PPC Advertising for Your Dental Practice

Bringing the benefits of PPC advertising to your dental practice can seem like a daunting task. It takes constant attention combined with cutting-edge technical knowledge to reap the benefits of PPC advertising–or digital marketing as a whole, for that matter. Finding solutions can likewise seem intimidating at first; myriad companies are offering digital marketing services, so how can you find the right one for you and your practice?

DentaMarketing’s professional focus is on providing state-of-the-art digital marketing solutions for dental practices at every stage of their journeys. We understand the particular demands of dentistry, both as a profession and as a marketing focus. We work with you and your practice to create dynamic, effective, and efficient digital marketing campaigns that connect you to the patients you want in your chair. Get in touch today for a consultation and let us help you build your practice’s success.

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