Online Marketing for Dentists: Creating a Professional Image

Online Marketing for Dentists: Creating a Professional Image


Dentistry is a unique profession: It is both art and science while also being a personal service. Every dentist has had patients who were apprehensive about receiving oral health care, and navigating those reactions is a large part of patient care. Putting patients at ease, creating confidence in your professional abilities, and projecting authority and trustworthiness all begin long before a patient walks into your practice. A key component of online marketing for dentists is projecting a professional image, and a cutting-edge approach is necessary when ensuring that your public-facing image is effective.

Building a Professional Image in a Digital World

We live in a digital world, driven by the Internet of Things. As such, potential patients and the community at large will most likely encounter your practice online first, long before they even see your sign or office. With that in mind your digital presence functions as a digital storefront–it gives viewers their first impression of you and what you have to offer. Creating and maintaining a professional digital presence is a vital function for a successful dental practice. 

Connecting and Communicating With Your Audience 

So what goes into an effective digital presence, and the professional image it creates and projects? There are a variety of components to consider, each of which has to be carefully crafted in its own right while also working in harmony with the others. Individual practices have their own needs, but there are some tools that are used universally:

  • Your website is the traditional bedrock of your digital image, and the right website is still important in creating and projecting professionalism to your potential patients. A good professional website for a dental practice will be not only attractive but easy to navigate, filled with informative content about the practice’s staff and services, and optimized for mobile. Websites must be carefully maintained and updated in order to function properly, making monthly care a must-have service.
  • Professional social media has grown over the last 15 years, expanding its role from “useful tool” to “vital means of marketing and communication”. Your social media presence needs to project the professionalism, integrity, and supportive nature of your practice. Patients under 45 will most likely have their first experience with you and your practice via social media; using the right platforms, the right content, and the right approach is vital.
  • Websites and social media are nothing without professional and effective content, which conveys your message to your target audience, creates a sense of professionalism and trust between you and them, and then motivates them to make an appointment. Good content is also a must for SEO, enabling search engines to find your website and present it to those searching.  Content needs to be both text and audiovisual for maximum efficacy in an age dominated by mobile devices, making professional production values a necessity.
  • Finally, a cohesive brand image which accurately conveys the “feel” and personality of your practice is the glue that binds the whole thing together. The right brand image, consistent across all platforms and media, ensures that patients and potential patients know what to expect and thus trust both the services your dental practice offers and your professional communication with them. Just like dentistry, brand creation is both art and science, requiring detailed professional skills and a cutting edge understanding of digital marketing. 

DentaMarketing: Professional Solutions for Dental Marketing

As you can see, creating a professional image for a dental practice and projecting that image to the right audience of potential patients is no small task. It requires a detailed understanding of both the nuances of digital marketing and the specialized needs of the dental profession. At DentaMarketing, we understand that you’ve invested a great deal in building your career–and we’re here to help you build ongoing success. We’ll bring our skills to bear and create the professional image you deserve and convey that message to the audience you need. It all starts with an initial consultation, so get in touch today and we’ll discuss how we can move you and your practice forward.

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