Marketing and Dental Hygiene

Marketing and Dental Hygiene


This is a challenging and dynamic time for oral health professionals, especially so for dental hygienists. Whether you’re well established in your field or just starting your journey, dental hygienists around the country are facing both new opportunities and new issues in their chosen profession. In particular, marketing for dental hygiene services is undergoing a series of evolutions centered around powerful new tools for getting the word out about your services.

While few dental hygienists are practicing independently, many are contract workers and are thus operating a “business within the business” at the dental practice they work for. With this in mind, it makes sense for those offering such services to continually seek ways to up their dental hygiene marketing game. 

Dental Practice Marketing and Dental Hygiene

Many dental practices rely heavily on conventional approaches to their marketing. Print advertisements, television ads, billboards, and mailers are the principal means by which they reach their intended audience of either potential or established patients. While most dental practices these days have websites, the business of dentistry has, as a whole, been reluctant to adopt more dynamic approaches to digital marketing. These may include social media, video, and image-based marketing, and digital advertising. While that trend is changing, digital marketing is a challenging field and expert guidance and assistance may be vital to success.

Dental hygiene professionals have a unique opportunity. By taking advantage of the emerging field of digital marketing for dental services, you can create your presence in the world of marketing, show the value you add to the practice, and enhance your professional success even further. 

The question now is: how? While that may seem daunting, we have an answer for you!

Branding and the Dental Hygienist

So, what is that a dental hygienist is marketing? The short answer is that you’re marketing yourself. Your services, your location, and the quality of care you offer are all part of this, to be sure, but at the end of the day you’re marketing the experience you offer, and that is a direct extension of your professional self. This is in part due to the unique relationships dental hygienists have with the patients that come under their care. In many dental practices, dental hygienists spend more time with the patients, providing direct care and answering questions. You get a chance to learn about them–their oral health habits, their goals for their treatment, their wants, needs, likes, dislikes, and even the whole of their life story. You become the face of the services you offer. Your branding and marketing need to reflect this–marketing and dental hygiene is the art of projecting personality, warmth, and trust.

So how do you go about it? What’s the solution?

DentaMarketing: Digital Marketing Solutions for Dental Hygiene 

At DentaMarketing, we understand the nuances and importance of marketing for dental hygiene. We know that your brand and practice are unique and that your marketing needs to reflect that uniqueness in a way that appeals to your target audience. Whether you’re new to the field or well established and looking to elevate your success, DentaMarketing offers the expert solutions you need.

Get in touch today. Our team of professionals is eager to help your practice become all that it can be.

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