Boosting Your Dental Practice Visibility: Setting Up a Google My Business Profile

Boosting Your Dental Practice Visibility: Setting Up a Google My Business Profile


Setting up a Google My Business (GMB) account is an essential element of a successful dental marketing campaign and SEO strategy. After all, as a dental practice owner, your local community will be both your main audience and your lifeline. 

An optimized GMB account can boost the ROI of your local SEO campaign, make your business far more discoverable by prospective patients, and manage your online reputation. 

Unsure how to get started? The dental marketing experts at DentaMarketing can help you make your Google My Business work harder for your local dental practice. Learn how in the sections below!

Google My Business: What Is It and Why Is It Important

According to recent statistics, searches for local services and information account for nearly 50% of all daily Google searches. That is why a local SEO strategy is vital for your dental business’s success. And, a significant aspect of your local SEO strategy is an optimized Google My Business – or GMB – profile. 

Your GMB profile, when verified and optimized, offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Can boost your ranking and help your business appear at the top of Google’s SERP (search engine result page).
  • Can help your dental practice appear in the “local 3-pack” – or the three GMBs showed for each local dentist search. The businesses shown in the 3-pack are often deemed the most relevant, prominent, and highly rated. 
  • Can tell prospective customers all they need to know when running a search for your business. Thanks to Google Knowledge Panel, your customers won’t need to access your website’s pages to find your phone number, opening hours, peak times, prices, and services offered.

Your GMB account is a vital tool to help prospective customers take an action towards contacting your dental practice or booking an appointment for your dental services. What’s more, a GMB profile complete with reviews, photos, and questions & answers can help you manage your online reputation and customers’ expectations.

How To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Most small businesses – including dental practices – understand the importance of a GMB profile. But only a few ensure that their GMB account is complete, optimized for SEO, and verified – and this can truly make or break your ability to expand your customer base, welcome new patients, and establish a positive online reputation. 

Some tips to set up a smart GMB profile include:

  • Claim your dental practice profile as soon as possible
  • Make sure to complete each section of the GMB account
  • Add precise and correct information
  • Fill in both primary and secondary categories
  • Use attributes, keywords, images, and descriptions
  • Set up messages features

Once your profile is set up, you should also maintain it. To do so, you should:

  • Encourage your patients to leave online reviews and respond to each feedback offered
  • Publish weekly posts and updates
  • Answer questions asked by prospective customers
  • Upload new photos that can help your patients set the right expectations regarding your prices, standards, premises, and team.
  • Specify the dental services you offer

When partnering with the dental marketing and SEO experts at DentaMarketing, we’ll look after every aspect of boosting the performance of your GMB. 

Link Your Custom Dental Practice Website

One of the main aspects of your GMB profile is your custom dental website. At DentaMarketing, our dental marketing experts can help you with every aspect of custom web design and web development. 

We can help you set up a successful marketing campaign and visibility – including a PPC plan, keywords research, and content creation. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help. 

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