A Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Dentists

A Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Dentists


Dental advertising is an increasingly complex field, requiring successful practices to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to digital marketing methods and maintaining a successful online presence. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for dentists is much discussed but often poorly explained or understood. In this guide to pay-per-click advertising for dentists, we’ll explain how pay-per-click advertising works, how it can benefit your practice, and how you can go about tapping into its potential. 

How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Works

Pay-per-click advertising isn’t complicated, but there are a few “moving parts” that must be understood to get the best use out of it. In general, PPC works something like this: 

  • An advertiser submits a bid or makes a payment to an online advertising platform, like Google Ads.
  • The advertiser then sets keywords that will trigger the appearance of their ads.
  • When those keywords are used in an online search, the advertiser’s ads appear above the search content, making them the first thing seen by the end user.
  • The advertiser only pays for the ad if the end-user clicks on it. 

This process repeats as necessary. The advertiser pays nothing unless a user engages with their ads.


Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

So PPC advertising is relatively simple to set up, but what are the advantages of it? The benefits of PPC advertising are many, but here are a few common benefits they offer dental practices:

  • Increased visibility: dentistry is a competitive field–you’ve spent a lot of time and a great many resources building your career and your practice. PPC advertising helps make your efforts more visible and bring more patients to your chair.
  • Targeted advertising: by targeting your ads at the right keywords and the right audience, PPC advertising puts your message in front of potential patients and helps guide them through the funnel and to your practice. 
  • Stand out from the crowd: with a well-executed PPC advertising campaign, you’ll help distinguish your practice from the competition, creating memorable and engaging advertising that helps new patients find you.
  • Measurable, trackable ROI: one of the greatest strengths of PPC advertising is that the return on your investment is always trackable, and you can measure the results you get over time. This means that your investment pays off in an easy-to-quantify way and that you can adjust your PPC advertising campaign as needed to maximize ROI.
  • A flexible approach that can evolve: finally, PPC advertising offers one of the most flexible marketing options available. As a keyword-based ad program, PPC advertising can adjust over time to meet the evolving needs of digital marketing, SEO, and your dental practice.

With so many strengths and unprecedented flexibility, only one question remains–how can you put PPC advertising to work for your dental practice?

DentaMarketing: PPC Solutions and More

Your dental practice deserves cutting-edge digital marketing, executed by professionals who have a deep understanding of how the digital landscape works. At DentaMarketing, we understand both the digital realm and the business of dentistry and we bring all of that expertise to bear when working to help your practice succeed. Get in touch today and we’ll discuss PPC advertising and other digital marketing options to get you where you deserve to be. 

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