What Makes a Good Dentist Website?

What Makes a Good Dentist Website?


Dentistry is both an ancient profession and a rapidly evolving 21st-century field. It combines both art and science and has since its inception. It is also some of the most consistent and personal medical care that many people receive. This rich history and unique relationship with the patients come into play with your marketing and your website. What makes an excellent dental website is an ongoing discussion, but with a little care and expert execution your website can attract the patients you want, inform and engage the patients you already have, and provide the best possible reflection of your practice as a whole.

So what makes a good dentist website? What roles does your website need to play in your practice? It’s best to tackle these questions simultaneously, as they inform and reinforce each other. So, in general, a good dentist website accomplishes the following:

  • Provides accurate, up-to-date information about your practice: this includes location, hours, contact information, and the services you provide. For many patients, your website is the first aspect of your practice that they’ll encounter and it’s vital that the information they find there be accurate.
  • Engages your patients in a welcoming, supportive way: your website needs to project a positive feeling about you, your practice, and the services you provide. Again, this is the beginning of the experience for many patients, and they need to feel safe and welcome.
  • Informs potential patients about you and your staff: dentistry and dental care are personal experiences, and most patients want to know a bit about the folks who will be providing these services. A site that accurately conveys information about you and your staff and projects your personalities a bit goes a long way towards patient comfort.
  • Informative content and answers to common questions: Dentistry is a complex field, and one of the primary goals of a dental website is to demystify the various procedures and services you offer. By having a blog and an FAQ section that directly and accessibly addresses some of the more common queries patients have, you’ll help them understand the care you offer and feel more comfortable with the overall experience.
  • Meets your digital marketing goals: Along with your social media, your website forms the foundation of your digital marketing plan. This means that the visuals, the layout, and the content all need to support your digital marketing goals. This includes providing a great user experience, accessibility, and appropriate SEO content. 
  • Incorporates a scaleable, future-proof design: website and digital marketing trends come and go, and your practice needs a website that is flexible and scalable such that you can adapt to future needs as they arise

As you can see, a great deal goes into ensuring that your website adds value to your business as a whole. The proper execution of a dental practice website requires a deft and sensitive touch, a cutting-edge understanding of digital marketing and digital trends, and the wisdom to plan for the future. At DentaMarketing, we’ve chosen to specialize in providing digital marketing solutions to oral health care providers due to our understanding of your unique industry and its needs. Get in touch today, and we’ll create the solutions–and the website–that you need.

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