Strategic Marketing for Lifting a Dental Practice’s Reputation

Strategic Marketing for Lifting a Dental Practice’s Reputation


Your dentistry career is a personal achievement, but your practice is your legacy. Establishing and lifting your practice’s reputation is a key part of building and maintaining that legacy. Dental practice reputation management ensures that your practice and the related brand have value that persists long after your retirement, allowing you to get the most out of this investment when the time comes. Strategic marketing is a vital tool in lifting a dental practice’s reputation–one that is easy to overlook or underemphasize for busy dental practitioners. 

What is Strategic Marketing for Dental Practices?

Simply put, strategic marketing is marketing aimed not just at raising brand visibility or brand awareness, but achieving an articulable set of goals for your brand, your practice, and your legacy. These may vary depending on your circumstances–you might want to engage with a new audience of potential patients, expand your practice’s reach into a new part of town, or showcase a new set of skills or services. All of these examples have something important in common: they add to your practice’s reputation, build its value, and thus enhance your legacy.

Lifting a Dental Practice’s Reputation

What steps might we take in establishing, expanding, and lifting your dental practice’s reputation? Again, the actual process may vary depending on your goals and circumstances, but there are some core possibilities from which many practices benefit:

  • Implement Marketing Strategies that Attract Your Target Patients: Dental practices differ in focus and services offered, so a scattershot marketing strategy may not effectively target the right patients for your chair. A well-planned and well-executed strategic marketing approach for your dental practice will connect you with the right audience of potential patients, moving them through the funnel, into your office, and thus elevating your practice’s value.
  • Develop a Robust Digital Presence: Digital marketing is a must-have for successful dental practices–and it’s often the most under-utilized dental marketing tool. In lifting your practice’s reputation, digital savvy and a cutting-edge digital dental marketing plan may make all the difference. This includes having an up-to-date and optimized website, effective and attractive content, proper SEO, and an effective and directed social media presence. Digital marketing requires constant, consistent updates and maintenance to be effective–another consideration in dental practice strategic marketing. 
  • Connect with Your Patients–and Cultivate That Relationship: Dentistry is a profession founded upon quality care and positive patient interactions–the folks coming to you are seeking medical care, and many of them are anxious about the experience. By building and maintaining patient relationships, you’ll not only provide a better patient experience but enhance your practice’s reputation and thus build its value. Patient communication must be tailored to the demographics in question, and make use of a full array of both conventional and digital tools to ensure that your patients know that you are accessible, effective, and have a great chairside manner. 
  • Stand Out from the Crowd with Effective Strategic Marketing: effective marketing aims to bring in and retain patients, and towards that end, your practice will need to stand out from the crowd. By making your practice visible, showcasing the quality of care and scope of services you provide, and then working to create a long-term and valuable legacy, strategic marketing for your dental practice can help you build both your current success and your future value today.

DentaMarketing: Building Your Current Success and Your Future Legacy

Whether you’re building a legacy with retirement in mind or just starting on your dental practice’s journey, effective marketing and brand development can uplift your success at every step. DentaMarketing combines years of experience with a cutting-edge approach to dental marketing and reputation management to help build your success one patient at a time. Reach out to us today and schedule a consultation–we’ll help you build the practice and the legacy you deserve.

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