Steps to Get Started with Dental SEO Services

Steps to Get Started with Dental SEO Services


Dentists have been slow to engage with contemporary digital marketing–and frankly that’s understandable. Dentistry is both art and science, and the skills involved in running the medical side of your practice are more than a full time job. Managing a successful dental marketing campaign may not be as involved, but it requires professional acumen and cutting-edge skills of its own. By following the steps to get started with dental SEO services, you’ll put your practice ahead of the competition and connect with new patients.

What Do Dental SEO Services Do?

A good dental SEO service enhances your practice’s digital presence by optimizing the search engine content of your website–hence SEO/Search Engine Optimization. This, in turn, helps ensure that your website appears in search engine results ahead of the competition while effectively targeting potential patients from around your geographical neighborhood.

How Does Dental SEO Work?

Good search engine optimization consists of many individual components, all of which must work together for optimal results. While the needs of your individual practice may vary, some critical SEO functions that benefit most practices include the following:


  • Keyword optimization is a foundational aspect of SEO, and one that every website needs. The right keywords in the right places, refreshed regularly, help catch the attention of search engine algorithms and ensure that your practice stands out from the crowd at the top of the search results list. 
  • High-quality, optimized content is important to the success of any website, but especially so in a field as complex and personal as dentistry can be. The content of your website must fulfill several roles–projecting your practice’s feel and personality, explaining your services, location and other information to the viewer, and enhancing your SEO. Your content also must be refreshed regularly in order to remain relevant to both your audience and to the various search engine algorithms involved. 
  • Localization is another vital step in implementing effective dental SEO. While telehealth is changing things, most dental services are administered in person. This means that your audience of potential patients is found near your practice, and your practice’s SEO needs to target that region appropriately. 
  • SEO-friendly website structure is important in establishing and maintaining good search engine result rankings, but it’s more complicated than just SEO. Good website design must appeal to both the search engine algorithm and user experience/user accessibility. This requires a deft touch in design and a cutting edge understanding of SEO in order to achieve the best results.
  • Social media marketing is closely tied to dental SEO. The fact remains that the majority of potential patients will first encounter your practice online, and that potential patients under the age of 45 will mostly likely encounter you via social media. A well executed social media marketing plan working in harmony with overall dental SEO will go a long way towards getting those patients through your door and into your chair.

Getting the Dental SEO Service You Need

Your practice is the result of years of hard work and dedication–and your dental SEO service should reflect the effort you’ve put in while helping you build your future success. At DentaMarketing, we understand the complexities of the dental profession and the challenges that come with building and maintaining success in this field. 

Our dental marketing services leverage both our intimate understanding of dentistry as a business and our state of the industry approach to SEO and digital marketing. We combine those skills with a personal touch–your practice is unique, as are your goals. Taking all of this collectively, we craft the dental marketing solutions that will set you and your practice on the path to success. 

The time for dental SEO is now, so get in touch with DentaMarketing today for a free consultation and we’ll start on the process of creating the marketing solutions you need.

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