Hickory Dental Care Case Study

Hickory Dental Care is a leading dental practice in Hickory, North Carolina. Their willingness to grow and bring in new patients through marketing has helped them increase their presence. They are committed to providing their patients with the best care in a pleasant environment.


One-time Revenue Increase


Lifetime Revenue Increase


Increase in Phone Calls


Increase in Website Visitors

Since we've started DentaMarketing we have seen continuous ROI with them. Two quarters in a row we've had 100% + ROI.

Hickory Dentist

Project Challenges

  • The site needed updated to remove the previous dentist.
  • The leads were stagnant coming in and needed a boost.
  • Page rankings needed work and were affecting business.

Project Goals

  • Edit videos and make updates to the site to reflect the dentist who is no longer there.
  • Increase page rankings and traffic to the site
  • Increase social media presence
  • Increase leads to practice

Project Phases

Phase I: Site Changes

Removed the previous dentist on-site along with editing them out of the promotional video.


Phase 2: Creating a tracking for conversions and ROI.

Set up analytics, search console, and call tracking to be able to measure our SEO and social media efforts


Phase 3: SEO

Created monthly blog posts, citations management, GMB optimization, and optimized brand through on-site, off-site, and technical SEO.

DentaMarketing Strategic Impact

During the first year, DentaMarketing helped produce $27,200 in one-time revenue from new patients. That is a 59% return on interest. This amount could potentially be $544k in the lifetime of the patients or a 3082% ROI. How did we come up with these numbers? We take the average patient value of the practice and attribute it to the leads we send them through our strategies. For the lifetime value, it is hard to say how long a patient stays at one practice, but the average is 20 years. We multiply the yearly production value by the average time a patient stays at a practice.

Another impact we saw due to leads coming in was a 300% increase in phone calls to the office and a 311% increase in first-time callers.

79% increase in visitors to the website with an 85% increase in page rankings for their top 10 keywords.