Diversity and Your Dental Marketing

Diversity and Your Dental Marketing


Dental marketing is complex and often overlooked by new and established practices. The reality is that dental marketing is a vital step in boosting the image of your practice, its personality, and the quality of care you offer to potential patients. It also plays a role in retaining established ones, as your marketing–along with their experiences with you–helps cement their loyalty and keep them coming back.

Many factors come into play with good dental marketing, but diversity is a key concept for an effective marketing strategy. By incorporating diversity into your dental marketing efforts, you’ll see returns with improved patient conversion, better patient satisfaction, and better public perception of your practice as a whole.


Defining Diversity in Dental Marketing

To successfully implement diversity in your dental marketing efforts, we first have to define what it is. Diversity can take many forms and may be defined loosely as a dental marketing approach that both includes and reaches out to people of all races, genders, sexes, ethnic backgrounds, and language backgrounds. This may seem like a tall order for a dental practice, but in reality, it may be easier than you think with the right help.

Some possible examples of diversity in dental marketing include:

  • High-quality visuals, such as photos, and videos incorporate the diversity of race, gender, and sex. Presented as part of an aesthetically harmonious print or online advertisement, such marketing can show that your practice is a welcoming, safe place for all people.
  • Marketing incorporates text making appropriate use of inclusive, people-first language that respects and honors the needs and values of diverse communities.
  • Reach diverse communities where they are. It means ads and other marketing tools that appear in places the target audience is likely to encounter them and appropriately engage their attention.
  • Multilingual marketing is a must in the contemporary market. English and Spanish are both widely spoken, “must-have” languages for US-centered marketing these days. Other languages may be necessary depending on your practice’s location and your desired audience. 
  • Finally, all such marketing must be professionally designed and reflect your practice, your personality, and the quality of care you offer to your patients. 

Again, this may all sound daunting; a tall order for many practices. However, solutions exist and can be professionally created as an integral part of your overall marketing plan. 


Creating A Diverse Marketing Campaign

Your dental practice results from years of work, effort, and sacrifice, and thus deserves to succeed. Part of your success is effective marketing–high-quality advertising, digital marketing, and outreach that incorporates diversity while effectively reaching your potential target patients. 

At DentaMarketing, we understand the care you’ve put into building your practice, and we’ll channel the same dedication and acumen while creating the marketing campaigns you need. Whether you’re an established provider or just starting, we’ll meet you where you’re at and help you elevate your marketing to the next level. So if it’s time to begin the next phase of your success, get in touch today.

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